Metal Omi Classic

Width of sheet metal 1180 mm. (Including the useful width 1120 mm sheet.) Wave height – 42 mm.; Sheet length – 350 mm. Read more here: baby clothes. to 6500 mm. Metal Weckman 2 / 1050 has stated below geometric properties: the length of sheet metal – from 350 mm. to 6500 mm., stride length – 175 mm.; sheet width 1130 mm. (Including the useful width 1050 mm sheet.) Wave height – 47 mm. Eric Kuby is actively involved in the matter.

Metal roofing Weckman 1 / 1025 has dimensions: length of the sheet – 400 mm. to 6500 mm.; sheet width 1110 mm. (Including the useful width 1025 mm sheet.) Stride Length – 205 mm.; Wave height – 58 mm. Metal Pelti Ja Rauta (Finland) made of galvanized sheet steel of thickness 0.45 mm. Which is passivated, primed and coated with a layer of colored polymer (matte polyester) with a thickness 35 microns.

Metal Pelti Ja Rauta has geometric properties: an overlap in length – 100 mm., standard length of the sheet – 1180, 2230, 480, 3630 mm. Width of sheet metal 1180 mm. (Including the useful width of the sheet metal is 1100 mm.) Wave height – 39 mm., Stride length – 350 mm. Metal Pelti Ja Rauta can operated at ambient temperature to 120 degrees, so that may be used, including, in the southern regions of the Russian Federation. Weight of metal Pelti Ja Rauta is only 4,1 kg. / M. square. Metal Omi (Russia) appeared on the market in 2001, is made from galvanized steel with thickness of 0,45-0,55 mm, which is passivated and covered with a protective layer of colored polymer coating (HPS 200 plastisol, pvdf, pvc plastisol 200, matte polyester, Puranas, polyester). The company has 2 types of Omi Profile metalocherepitsy. Metal Omi Pamir has stated below dimensions: length of step shingles – 224 mm.; Wave height – 20 mm.; Sheet length – from 840 mm. up to 10000 mm.; useful sheet width 1120 mm. Metal Omi Classic has the following dimensions: length of the step – 185 mm.; wave height – 30 mm.; usable sheet width 1110 mm.; sheet length – from 840 mm. up to 10000 mm.

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