Metal Band Saw Cuts Material

Sagen-Mehring shows teeth with RIX formula SPF Hockenheim, January 7, 2009 – the Sagen-Mehring GmbH, a leading manufacturer of band saw blades and scroll, has developed a new generation with the RIX formula SPF line BI metal band saw blades. The BI-metal band saws are much less expensive than hard metal bands. On the other hand the ease of use and higher wear resistance allow shorter makeready times and higher maturities of the machines. Metal-working companies can thus sustainably reduce their material as well as operating costs. RIX formula SPF product line is aimed especially at companies from the metal-working industry, which use BI metal band saw for cutting steel and other non-ferrous metals.

The new line stands out through a flexible range of applications when compared to conventional M 42 BI metal band saw blades. The new line is in the so-called sixpointfinish process\”of M finished 42 BI metal band saw blades. The line of RIX formula SPF in operation are characterized by a simpler handling and greater fault tolerance compared to a hard-metal band. Machines can be upgraded to faster and the finishing of saw blades eliminates a time-consuming sawing. High wear resistance allows also faster cutting speeds and continuous process reliability in high temperature resistance and hot hardness. On this basis, the unit can be used to with the use of the new BI metal saw blade increases the durability and efficiency of the entire machinery and thus sustainably reduce cost of ownership. Also, the purchase price of the new generation of sawing band is significantly lower compared to the classic hard-metal band which material costs can be reduced significantly.

RIX formula SPF series is available up to 80 millimeters in saw bandwidth of 20 millimetres. In addition, there are the saw blades in all commonly used gears. With our new generation of bi metal band saw blades, we are setting standards in the Metal processing.

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