Metal – a building material: galvanized profiled steel sheets covered with special polymeric substances. This composition not only gives a certain color, but also protects the tile against corrosion. The main of the metal – it's hot galvanized sheet (with thickness of 0, 4 – 0, 5 mm), which is then passivated, primed and covered with colored polymer-coated and then formed the profile of a natural tile. In tile number of indisputable advantages. First, the metal is different from other types of roof durability and reliability. The roof is usually 25-30 years. Important factor – it is a pleasant appearance of such a roof. After Shingles through the polymer coating is a diverse range of colors.

When laying tiles> unique advantage is the ease of this material (weight of 1 sq. km. metra ceramic tiles – 38-40 kg, a weight of 1 square. metra metal – 4, 5 kg). Again from a metal roof is easy to enhance (sheets reinforced overlap, they are not sufficiently hard to pack). Causes no trouble and repair of the roof of shingles (damaged leaves rather unfavorable factors easy to embellish or replace).

On the market there are a surprising number of stamps of Russian and foreign manufacturers of metal. But basically all it can be divided along two main criteria: quality Specifications (manufacturer of metal and raw material) used in the production – polymer coating and steel) and appearance (color, shape preserving profiles). Among manufacturers of shingles can be distinguished Sweden (Swedish concern ssab, the owner of factories for the production of metal and corrugated sheets and gutters planja SIBA), and Finland (concern , the owner of the business majors Rannila and Gassel). These are the main suppliers and manufacturers of a roof in the Russian Federation. Besides metal meets the following manufacturers: Steel, Areco, Myriad, British. The thickness of the steel for the manufacture of tiles on the standard of 0, 5 mm. It is also possible thickness were 0, 45 mm, (respectively, it has lower price). But you should know that when the thickness of the steel is significantly reduced and the durability and strength of metal produced from it. If you get this kind of metal roofing, you should keep a roof of heavy loads.

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