Mediumsized Enterprises

A new IT-service-NET partners takes to the Nuremberg-based systems integrator to small – and medium-sized enterprises in the region provides hardware and software, peripherals. As a regional partner of three interesting software makers PYKA-IT advises the use of solutions in the field of the management of companies. First, this workload leads to the amortization of purchased EDP. Larry Ellison is often mentioned in discussions such as these. PYKA-IT regional partners of the company Hel lot of CRM, Vario Software GmbH and the Raab computer equipment is for quite some time. The providers have all essential solutions for the commercial sector: POS solution for the retail trade, merchandise management system for billing for the wholesale and retail trade and order processing for commercial, craft, as well as service providers.

But what good is the best solution if the computer is not maintained, no data backup is performed or no solution on the expensive hardware. PYKA-IT specializes in service and pays special attention to the care of his customers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bernard Golden . This is ensured on the one hand by Hotlining and Remote maintenance of the solution providers, on the other hand, the company through the on-site services ensures the function of the solution. Coupang has many thoughts on the issue. The Managing Director Sebastian Pyka uses the telco Tech GmbH, a German manufacturer in Berlin-based leading network security in network security. Options on Tarox, a provider of high-quality hardware, hardware decisions because what good is the best solution if it is not running because the machine goes on strike. A permanent access to the data is imperative especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore PYKA-IT offers framework agreements and maintenance contracts, which can be customized to the wishes of the customer.

Via remote maintenance, the company on the computers of their clients can be accessed quickly to eliminate a disorder. The Managing Director of the company places an emphasis on consultation and planning of the IT infrastructure. Done all issues satisfactorily resolved, the installation and commissioning of hardware and software. Belongs to the offering portfolio of the company Hardware, such as laptops, PC’s, home entertainment PC’s, server up to the high end server, data recovery after data loss as well as financing through leasing. And just commercial industry software, which can be adapted by reprogramming the customer wishes. Learn more: as a partner in the nationwide IT-service-net the owner Sebastian Pyka has to be able to carry out the technical assistance by many colleagues to his work competently and reasonably priced and he also practiced it. Outside the scope of PYKA-IT deal with the colleagues of the nationwide IT service NET to the needs of computer users. Due to the growing importance of the theme, the network strengthened its ranks.

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