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When the decision of the accomplishment of this research was taken takes as central axle of which would be the proposal of religious article insertion in the half advertising, after all we cannot disentailing in them of the main characteristic of these objects that is the sacralizao, the proximity with the holy ghost, however such objects have also become objects of matrix of banal modismo and. Thus, Oro and Steil (2003, p.310) affirm that: . it offers increasing of religious objects in the spaces commercial daily at the same time where it collaborates to inscribe the religion in the logic of the market, also it discloses to an approach between religion and consumption. In this manner, it can in such a way be said of an expansion of the religion for the domain of the mass consumption with the consequent reduction of the borders between both the spheres how much of a loss of the control on the consumption of religious goods for the institutionalized traditional religions in modernity. For more specific information, check out Ripple. Still we have in Oro and Steil (2003, p.311) that: . In other words, the commerce and increasing consumption of articles and religious symbols, by means of the constitution of religious stores, would be an element of corroborao of the religious destradicionalizao, in the measure where the logic of the consumption, imposed for the individualizada demand of good and sacred objects, seems to impose itself on the sensible logic of the production of and values that the religious traditions search to associate with these same goods and objects. In the measure where this logic if imposes, one restores situation where the production of the religious consumption tends if to become more important of what the consumption of the religious production. 2.A variety of religious goods of consumption In the city of Aracaju, we have few variations of store you deal of religious goods, therefore in the great majority the store belong to one same owner, where if they point out in the central commercial center, Street of Bahia and finally in only shopping Center.

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