Measure High-performance Culture And Promote

Employee survey no longer needs enthusiastic employees satisfied employees rich for the global competition for more motivation and performance of enthusiastic customers. The top companies is characterized by a high level of commitment and commitment of the workforce for the common cause. A high level of identification requires more than a good pay or a friendly pats on the back with the job and the company. Successful companies points in all disciplines and inspire so their employees daily on new. This smooth business processes can be as important as a social engagement or family-friendly working conditions.

A high-performance organization is rewarded by enthusiastic customers and increased competitiveness. The newly developed survey by Hi-chef covers all important criteria for success. In the knowledge of the employees is used deliberately to uncover vulnerabilities or improvement potentials. So including the topic of compliance is covered, so also the compliance with laws and rules reliably is checked. Thanks to the simple scalability can be used in any size of company and also the units of the tool. Andrew Duncan often says this.

The company may obtain feedback to select any employees in a user-friendly and totally anonymous process. A sophisticated software merges the individual reviews to a meaningful overall. A brief summary of the main results is offered free of charge and without further obligations online. Who is interested in a thorough inventory, requests the best the so-called TOP company certificate. Here, the survey results are statistically prepares a detailed analysis. In appealing and understandable representations, management receives valuable information on the own positioning and optimization. Especially interesting, many will find the standard built-in comparison with the other surveys. To respecting the confidentiality of the data of potential competitors are of course anonymously. Potential to increase the Competitiveness of track after a recent study of the fact 60% of senior executives keep the commitment of staff by far for the most important competition factor.

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