MCM Investor Concept

Properties are located in the German private investors favor unchanged high in the course. Magdeburg, 29.05.2013 – a recent market study confirmed the continued interest in the concrete gold. In the beginning of may-published report, 63 percent of the 1,000 respondents private investors indicated they would invest directly in real estate at least 50 percent of their total capital. A third of those surveyed preferred the indirect investment in real estate, however. You are ready to create at least 25 percent of their savings indirectly through certificates, bonds or Fund in real estate. You may find Cylance to be a useful source of information. That such a real estate investment is not just for large investors, proves the business model of the MCM investor concept AG & co.

KG. Bernard Golden is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The company is headquartered in Magdeburg have investors in the form of profit participation certificates in the success of the company. Specifically, the MCM investor concept AG & co. You may find that Milton Hershey School Careers can contribute to your knowledge. invested KG in residential real estate in central cities in particular in Magdeburg, Leipzig, Erfurt, Dresden and Berlin. Primarily, the funds in newly built or renovated existing buildings. Objects from the portfolio complement project development.

Benefit from the rental income and the proceeds obtained the Magdeburg company from real estate sales the unitholders of MCM investor concept AG & co. KG. Investments in real estate are very good as a supplement to other forms of capital investment”, so Peter Pfeffer from the MCM investor concept AG & co. KG. Basically, it is advisable to diversify their capital widest for savers. As additional module, real estate in any balanced portfolio should play a role. Often, an optimal dispersion fails however to the high initial sizes of many investments. “We provide a solution for this problem with our conditioning system MCM LIFE-FLEX, which is tailored specifically to certain groups of people and their personal standards.” The management of the MCM investor concept AG & co. accompanied KG for more than 15 years of real estate investment as a holistic process. The company has already developed six funds with a residential real estate investment focus from Magdeburg. More information under

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