Maximum Internet Profit

Over the weekend came at the e-mail directly 3! letter on "How to get the maximum profit from the site?". I was dumbfounded by such developments. Let us consider the question a little differently: "How to make a site to give maximum profit and fun for the owner? ". If you do not take into account what I said three great ways to earn money online, the question of the best niches left open. By education I am almost nothing to do with marketing, but Part of making money in the IT business I have a certain flair that allows you to follow the path of greatest impact.

So, while working with various Internet projects, I noticed a chip that runs at 100%. If you make a site that only interested in you, nothing good will come. There is a principle of win-win (there's nothing to do with Microsoft not). Who does not know I explain. The principle of win-win is often used in business. Its essence is that as a result of some action, all parties benefit from this.

Let's say you sell a car. You won that have made a profit, the buyer won on what was a good wheelbarrow. I indirectly mentioned this in his 20-minute podcast. So in the creation of websites at the same thing. Do not think that what is interesting you will be immediately interesting to others. Perhaps there are people who are interested in your creation, but it could be cash-strapped students alternativschikov audience, and perhaps audience of people who do not use the Internet.

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