Massive Futures Market Manipulation

Price decline in gold and silver was an attack on their credibility as a safe haven currencies and online SOLITAIRE Conference Hamburg/Wiesbaden – now free of charge available on only three days, from April 12 to 15, U.S. futures markets saw losses by 12.9% in the gold and 16.6% for the silver with a turnover of 2.336 tons of gold to the US derivatives exchange COMEX as a result of massive transactions on Monday, April 15 alone. This is equivalent to 82% of the global annual production of the yellow metal. A virtually exploding demand for gold and silver in the precious metals trading, which has led to visible product shortages and delivery delays, such as classic bullion coins, evolved into stark reaction of the physical market. Tip provides cause for the crash of gold and silver in the futures market massive price manipulation by a few, large banks, whose Absicht unless, gold and silver as a ‘Safe Haven’-an alternative to the uncovered, dropped dragged further through the global printing of money by central banks Paper money to discredit.

The manipulation was favoured by the seasonal weakness of the gold market, a simultaneously published disappointing growth forecast in China, but also the sale required political pressure from the donors of the international rescue package for Cyprus at the same time, Cypriot State gold to pay off debt. Actually, the amount of gold in the island nation of around 13.9 tons and the contractually agreed gold sales of around 400 million euros is too low to cause sustained turbulence on the gold market. The reported involvement of gold producers on the decline of the gold and silver price in the futures market does not support critical analysis, as tip shows. Rather, leading hedge fund manager and ETF portfolios have sold and relocated to the Bank-independent value logistics of Brinks, while for the silver despite a fall in price occurs on the futures markets remained the ETFs at a very high level.

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