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Legislation found that the ban can be installed in liquidation of a legal entity only by court decision. With regard to associations of citizens, a court order banning their activities provided for in cases of: violations of the Russian Federation Law "On public associations", which prohibits the operation of public associations, whose activities are aimed at undermining its security, integrity breach, forced change of constitutional foundations of the Russian Federation, inciting social, national, racial, religious strife, the creation of armed formations; gross or repeated violations of the law and other legal acts; systematic implementation of voluntary association activity, which is contrary to its statutory goals; infringement actions union rights and freedoms of citizens. The founders of the media can act as a single person or several, as co-sponsors. The co-sponsors are working together as a founder. Reasonable is the conclusion of the agreement between the founders of defining their mutual rights, responsibilities, decision-making, responsibility, legal implications of changes in the composition and terms of co-sponsors, the procedure for resolving disputes between them. To start the recording media, you need to decide on such important indicators his activities as a name, right message, the main theme, the volume of advertising, the candidates of the founders, the form and language of the periodical, the expected frequency of issue and volume sources finance, circulation (for the registration of the print media), the estimated area of distribution. Russian Law 'On Mass Media "establishes that the registration or re-registration of mass media by Federal Service for Supervision of information technology, communications and mass communications, or its local offices (hereinafter – the Federal Service).

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