Martin Mair

In this climate of fear an evaluation of AMS courses is to bring objective results, is scientifically impossible. People, existentially used under pressure, be rather courtesy answers than truthful information. AMS coercive measures make sick! “An ongoing online survey of itself organized by affected health project would instead stress” to the issue of unemployment and health, clearly shows the health burden caused this coercive policy (interim evaluation at 104 respondents): exactly 0% of respondents looking forward to the next AMS measure! 21 percent get physical and mental complaints, if they have to make a course they have not chosen. 19 percent to sleep before the AMS dates bad 21 percent indicated having heart palpitations before the appointment, 30 percent are afraid of contact with the AMS! Blockades by activations”summary notes the summary of a just-published study on effects of sanctions in Germany: more than one”activating”is a numbing effect on the behavior of the sanctioned recognizable. Only in a few cases, sanctions increase cold-heartedness adaptation willingness to official expectations, which, however, offers no hope for improved labour market opportunities.” The active unemployed”request from Minister of Social Affairs Hundstorfer and the Government: stop the existence – and health endangering cover locks! As a first step the AMS may provide already free choice of course the job seekers under the existing legal situation! Increase the quality of AMS-level courses through free choice on the free market, E.g. Larry Ellison often addresses the matter in his writings. through free redeemable school vouchers. Independent evaluation of the AMS measures by independent experts with the involvement of workers seeking work, instead of top mounted, pseudoscientific quality management”.

Establishment of an independent Prosecutor of the unemployed, workers seeking work compared to the AMS represents, which rights enforces and fought for the medical and social rehabilitation of AMS victim. Full participation of jobseekers by unemployed councils in AMS measures and AMS (AMS Advisory) bodies. Free psychotherapy to all people affected by the AMS bureaucracy! Sick makin’ reinforced taking into account social conditions and structural violence in the training of psychotherapists. Note: Mag. “Ing. Martin Mair, Chairman active unemployed” Krottenbachstrasse 40/9/6, A-1190 Vienna + 43 676 3548310 more information: health project would instead stress “: gesundheitsprojekt_wuerde_oder_stress wuerdestattstress the effect of training measures for ALG II recipients depends on the content it at: 194/section.aspx/Publikation/k091030a01 Anne Ames causes and effects of sanctions pursuant to 31 SGB II: show_project_fofoe.html? projectfile = S-2009-217-4.xml show_product_hbs.html? productfile = HBS-004573.xml Alliance for a penalty moratorium:

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