Markets In Moscow

How long have we been waiting for this, and now finally happened – in the Moscow region has opened chain store maz. A bit of history. In 1944, more gunfire could be heard exploding shells, when repair garages began to recover, from that moment dates back to . And in 1947 came off the assembly line the first cars MAZ, a plant like the whole country, grew and rose from the ruins. Construction of new facilities for the production of cars, and already in 1951 the plant produced 25,000 cars.

At the same time, increasing not only the number of cars, but some models of cars the world has seen for the first time! The world's first 40-ton dump truck MAZ-530. But today, the plant continues gain momentum in the production of modern technology. There are new models of cars with engines meeting the world standards of quality exhaust gases, thereby out works on the European market. And in 1997 Plant moves to joint production of trucks with automakers MAN. Thus, the CIS countries are reliable and inexpensive trucks. So now, in Russia there are more dealers MAZ.

It is difficult present Russian roads without MAZ truck, these vehicles are still popular among car owners. Therefore, the Minsk Automobile Plant is increasingly focuses on the retail sale of spare parts for MAZ. Company Stores maz appear on busy highways. We, as a dealer RUP MAZ offer customers of our store, only quality products and a wide range of spare parts. The same way we always have the opportunity to offer our customers the delivery of spare parts purchased from us. Buying spare parts in the company store maz, you get the spare parts at affordable prices and guarantee the plant.

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