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Integrates all in one device. SleepStrip is a manifestation. But you can take this model in many directions. Further details can be found at Rory Sutherland, an internet resource. Just enter the BiteStrip that follows the same concept. There is a sensor of muscle activity and we analyze in real time whenever the subject tightens with force the teeth. The severity of the disorder is shown in the morning on a monitor.

The presence of the sleep bruxism is estimated at 14% – 20% in children and 8% in adults. However, diagnosed a few patients, leaving most of the patients concerned with consequences as dental problems and pain that can be treated with success. SB diagnosis is usually based on the exam and history the patient clinics. However, none of the samples and the symptoms can be considered conclusive. A definitive diagnosis can be obtained through a formal study of the dream, that costs anywhere between 600 and 1500 dollars. According to fairies, SLP as SleepStrip and BiteStrip consumer products are beginning to take off in the United States. So far, since its introduction five years ago, close to 30,000 SleepStrips has been sold around the world at points of sale to clinics. BiteStrip hopes the FDA approval which is expected in the coming weeks.

SleepStrip both BiteStrip priced less than $50, according to fairy customer. In another achievement, SLP was recently selected along with other four Israeli companies to participate in MarketReach America a project of the Maryland/Israel Development Center. It brings together companies Israelis who are promising with business of medical science experts to provide input to the United States market and a support structure for business in America and Israel to accelerate its penetration with success in the American market. Fairy thinks that have gathered the appropriate circumstances and that it is the right time for which the products of SLP breaking into the American market by the large door.

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