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What are the advantages of the Mikrobloggen for a company? The social networks and microblogging applications are becoming increasingly important, not only for private Internet users, but also institutions of different type. The microblog, like Bleeper or tweeter, used mainly as a platform for the Exchange and the dissemination of information, experiences and thoughts. The posts, its length (which will vary depending on the microblogging service) an ordinary SMS is similar, can be sent in different ways: via command window on the main or profile page, SMS or additional applications. Thanks to this variety of methods, one can speak of a certain mobility. The microblog posts but are not restricted to the short text content, but enable also the hanging images, photos, video clips and links. The last be specified more in the form of short URLs, to save characters. Any user can both follow profiles that interest him, when followed also by other users be.

In addition, comments and discussions on these contributions are also possible. Not only private users have noticed the potential of the microblog, but also: public institutions (E.g. universities), scientists, entrepreneurs, mass media, politicians and people from the cultural sector. Through microblog, they can spread messages to target audiences. What are the advantages of the Mikrobloggen for a company? The microblog spread the brand and represents a variety of ways. As a result, you can join several thematic groups that match the activity and the profile of the company. In this manner, you can win new customers and partners.

Through the microblog, you can draw the attention of people around the company by disseminating the latest information and events. You can gain a stable and strong position in the network and be visible among other companies in the industry. It enhances your own reputation. By microblogging, you can redirect traffic to your own website. The social networks and microblog are recommended for people and companies that want to present their products or services to a certain target group. Here is the microblog as a marketing instrument and serves the company’s development. It is worth every company to have a microblog profile. For a small ad portal the microblog is used as a medium for informing about the latest ads, here an example – marketplace. If someone wants to buy a car, vehicles can follow including the profile, to be with latest car ads in the current. This example shows that microblogging has many advantages for both companies and their customers.

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