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In a crisis, more and more companies go with the more expensive outdoor advertising market on the Internet market space. What are the attractive part of online advertising? In the first place – is relatively low cost (compared to television advertising), a broad audience, high speed attracting customers with the latest modern communications technology, higher efficiency (return) than conventional, for example, radio advertising. You can safely say that the principles and methods of marketing to the Internet virtually indistinguishable from those of conventional marketing. Only here advertising billboards are replaced by banners, flyers – on the mailing list of links to Internet resources; same tickers, advertisements, e-mail advertising, etc. Without a doubt, the marketing of Internet is also intended to improve visibility of goods, advertising, creating a positive image of the product. Conducted surveys of consumer opinion, study their expectations and wishes on the Internet forums to share experiences, transferred to any positive or negative information about the services received, the purchased goods. As a rule, Internet advertising is divided into two main types: media-and context-sensitive. By media advertising classified advertising video and audio clips, flash ads, banners.

All advertising text messages, links, bands, usually referred to as the content group. In 2008, advertisers spent on online ads about 14.7 billion (according to the report of the ra 'Mindshare Interaction'), the leaders were spending advertisers car segment. The main task of marketing on the Internet – to attract audiences. It is therefore extremely important topics of marketing research is to study the relationships of the Internet audience to the advertising, the types and characteristics Web users. Attracting an audience is solved by using various techniques to increase traffic, attendance of Internet resources. The greater the number of users visit the site, the more potential customers will receive an advertiser, so it is primarily concerned to place their ads on sites with a large attendance, but with a specific target audience (ie, places where the usual 'go' potential consumers its products and services). Of course, of particular importance in this case the technology of forming an advertising mailing list – search for email addresses of potential buyers, followed by mailing of publicity messages. This can be achieved with procedures for handling news subscription (user subscribes to the newsletter, and at the same time at the end of making advertising), data collection and processing of contact data of users of different Internet resources, both automatically (by software robots) or manually. Internet technology allows marketers to quickly and accurately explore the strategy of its competitors, analyze their products, prices, innovate, to consider issues of constructing its commodity, pricing, distribution and communication policies. More and more manufacturers, distributors and other advertisers create their own specialized Internet resources, constantly develop them in order to inform consumers about their opportunities, promotions, new products.

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