Marketing Planning

Marketing, marketing planning, distribution planning, Seekirch, March 3, 2010 – many roads lead to Rome, but for the continued success of a company, there is only one way: careful strategic planning, followed by concentrated, consistent and controlled implementation. If you’re not planning loses ‘ formulated 2007 the portal and a joint study by Steria Mummert consulting with WIrtschaftsWoche-online (according to Internet information) noted that more than 40% of the German company put relatively little emphasis on strategic planning. One of the secrets why many companies generate first generally better sales and second are far less vulnerable in the crisis than the plan-less is precisely ‘. What is it about? Every company needs a clear focus / a clear goal to which all employees and customers can focus. Doing this not only the products, but also (then internally) to the financial objectives, market / customer objectives, the various distribution channels, etc. Orientation ‘ must lived by the management and convincingly presented, it is also the employees (everyone is a seller ‘ of the company!) so can identify. Albert Einstein once said: imagination is more important than knowledge.

Because knowledge is limited to what we now know and understand. The imagination but covers the whole world and everything we ever know and understand so may need all information about the (imagination/creativity!) to be supplied – global – markets exist, the knowledge of all the employees whether currently existing (core) competencies already in use, or be out of date, be it mentality knowledge, special technical or commercial skills, language skills, etc. This information for the markets already supplied, in conjunction with the open (almost) any company to be able to operate additional opportunities in other market segments. So this knowledge forms the basis for a plan B’, if the shops in the previously supplied markets take off or to make the company as a whole on a broader basis.

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