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The promotion and use of Spam in a blatant and abusive way in Panama and Latin America compels me to warn, under my humble experience in electronic commerce, this practice is not to do Internet marketing and nor is any online advertising strategy, quite the contrary, is garbage online. The worst case is that those who intend to sell garbage online as a marketing strategy, used spam to spread his lies and deception. Let’s first define categorical and literally that it is spam: unsolicited, unwanted e-mail, therefore email is spam. There is no other definition, there is no other concept. Nor you can disguise, or decorate any way, i.e., apologize for invading privacy, allow unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive more spam, etc. The end, nobody is obliged to receive any message that has not requested, nobody is nature that is.

Every day I receive in my email boxes one or more spam promoting make spam as an online marketing strategy. That ignorance and would have to be very stupid to fall into such fraud. For example, da me risa one that says we have the best database of Panama with more than 300 thousand of updated emails of people who supposedly want to receive advertising and promoting the sale of that database in 200 or 300 dollars to send a commercial message offering a product or service. What they don’t say is that this database is fraudulent and have made it using a software, which already is available free on the Internet, to capture emails from chains of emails and spam, and using other advanced software, obtain the IP address to define the country of origin. Internet technology, using advanced software, also allows to capture illegal or involuntarily (depending on the case) the email address of a person who visits a Web site. So are they made and sold these databases to send spam with commercial messages.

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