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The most common question that many salesmen become online is how to direct to more traffic to its Web sites. The answer to this question is easy: It has his Web site set out to the greater possible amount of internauts and once people find her Web site, there will be flow of traffic in his Web site. But to cause that its Web site is set out satisfactorily the Internet users is not a easy task. It is needed efforts, strategies and techniques to obtain it. Next it will find 4 common techniques of marketing online used by great part of salesmen online to direct to traffic from Internet to its Web sites: 1. Optimization of Motors search (CATHEDRAL by its abbreviations in English) A successful optimization of motors search will considerably increase to the number from visitors to its Web site since more of 60% of people whom they look for products and services use motors search to obtain them. If its Web site is in a high location in the search of the pertinent key word done by motors search, you will obtain a pile of traffic of gratuitous Internet to his Web site.

One of the forms to optimize its Web site so that it works well with the motors search is generating external liaisons of other Web sites to his. When the Web sites give a connection to their site, the motors search consider valuable to their site and this repels its position in the listings. 2. To write Articles and To publish them The articles constitute the best tool in marketing online. These help in the CATHEDRAL generating external liaisons to their Web site and also they help to that its site is set out through the hyperbonds of its articles. When writing small articles on subjects related to products or services of his page, you can offer them so that and/or advertisers or publicadores of letters, placing them in article directories are used by other proprietors of Web sites, forums or blogs.

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