Marketing Music

There are elements, sometimes unknown to the general public, which can also be used by a trademark, as well as the words. It is called sensory Marketing: music, audiovisual elements, all odors know trademarks are trying to influence our decision to purchase on an ongoing basis and without a break. Connect with audiences through music or images, or search for a scent of brand to the point of sale, has become a successful way to retain customers and in a very subtle way of linking them emotionally with the brand, surprising them and taking them to positive moods that will accompany them in the buying decision. As important is the way in which we transmit something like what you want to convey. Putting music in establishments, together with a brand slogan, they can have the desired effect. The brand image is everything. It is what the customer will retain in mind, and will associate in the future, without the need for words.

The image customize the mark and makes it unique. Get associate a particular smell to a trademark is no easy task. Odor should be guiding the customer in the place of purchase and be with him once he has left. Materialize the emotions of customers is the challenge of the sensory Marketing.

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