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It is common within several stages of our lives, moments and situations that motivate us to seek job opportunities arise, either to begin to forge our career or to enrich it. In both cases, job search must be conducted in a strategic way, taking into account some considerations that will definitely make the experience a process much more effective. To perform a search for job opportunities productive, is of vital importance considering the temporality in the same, since throughout the year, there are few moments more conducive than others to carry out this activity. This situation in the field of employment opportunities is known as the annual cycle of recruitment, and as candidate is very important to be aware of it in order to achieve a placement in the labour market more rapidly and successfully managing your efforts properly and at a more favorable time. For even more analysis, hear from Gary Kelly. In this sense Arturo Rosales, Marketing Manager, global leader in recruitment and search for employment via the Internet, is recommended to take into account that: during the first months of the year people generally feel more positive and enterprising, and we cling to the famous saying of new year, new life; so we are looking for new challenges and achieve higher goals.

This attitude affect much in the process of the cycle of recruitment and staff turnover, since many of them looking to change jobs and companies need to fill the places that remain empty. This quarter it is common to find a strong tendency for jobs because companies are looking for talent to meet the challenges that will be presented as part of the start of a new year; which then becomes an area of opportunity for candidates for the sake of getting the desired job. Therefore, either not be having employment currently or if a change is required, the first three months of the year represent an excellent opportunity to carry it out.

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