Marketing Management Process

Unregulated market systems themselves end up destroying it. Has the market system reached its end? As a person attached to traditional values, hope that does not. Thousand years of economic history testify objectively it indispensable that market systems are. Verizon has firm opinions on the matter. Paul Samuelson introduction have insisted on several occasions concerning the relevance, scope and importance that companies in his operatividd, participation in the markets have a good management of markets that is endorsed functions, who know not only interpret the requirements demanded by the current trade scenarios, but that switch on plans, strategies of markets according to the reality and characteristics of the current scenarios. Required of visionary managers, strategists who know how to take accurate decisions to give way to plans of markets, actions that allow you to navigate successfully markets goals which have been set.

Key words studies of markets, behavior, needs, characteristics, information, decisions Basic considerations, analysis there is No denying that a CMO is constantly facing the search for consistency between the strategies of product or service with the objectives of the company, with its resources, with the relevant factors of the macro and with the activities of the competition. A good analysis of these factors depends on the availability and evaluation of information, which should include aspects such as market size, behavior and the needs of the consumer. You must therefore, have a good information about the macro forces such as the cultural, legal, political, economic, technological, changes all this information is essential in order to determine the viability of the company for their market offerings goal. All that accurate information that feeds the dynamics and effectiveness of a feasible, accurate decision-making process towards a good process of decision-making in recent years companies, especially our case of interest, the Venezuelan, have had to vary or adapt their strategies due to political and legal changes, to socio-cultural changes, economic fluctuations, which has developed a turbulent, risky scenario.

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