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Brand new workshop series by nouve & innovation are design SMEs relevant impulses for the innovation development of the “brand inspiration days” offer a comprehensive look outside the box. With many case examples and videos the brand and innovation consultant present what’s currently hot with trendsetters and opinion leaders, what technologies and trends the future determine how innovative companies are changing the rules of the game in the market and what SMEs can learn from all of this. In addition to many new perspectives and insights, the fire also provide insights into new creativity techniques and working methods that can help companies to prepare for increased competition inspiration days. Four main topics are offered: what’s new: an inspiring views of the horizon of what’s next: what does the future hold, what must businesses adapt Gamechangers: learn from the most innovative companies in the world cool tools: innovative methods for product and service development the Content designed for corporate management, in particular for CEO, Board members as well as brand, innovation and marketing executives. The workshops cost between 1.299 and 1,699 euros plus VAT and possibly incurred travel expenses (outside of Berlin). All information about the workshop series are summarized in a brochure and are under in PDF format available. About nouve brand & design is innovation nouve a creative-oriented consultancy/agency for brand and innovation design, the company in the development and implementation of innovative, competitive and sustainable services supported. Our consulting approach combines advanced methods of marketing, brand, design and innovation management with the claim, achieving substantial market success and sustainable growth of the brand. Our core competencies are the development of future-oriented business strategies (brand strategy development, business model design, marketing management), innovative offer forms (Product, service & innovation channel) and innovative customer experience (brand experience design, marketing innovation). We have many years of expertise in the fields of automotive, tourism, lifestyle, ICT, media, real estate, energy, healthcare and leisure/sports and others for Allianz, AOL, BMW, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Minolta, Picard, Singapore Airlines and Volkswagen.

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