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In the data warehouse, enterprise data from various internal and external sources are pulled together and cleaned up the relevant marketing information are often not readily available, but must be collected only from the raw data and adjusted for errors. The decision-making process in marketing only on the basis of existing data sets, misinterpretations or discussions about the origin and validity of data at risk. Often, many of the existing enterprise data are simply unexploited because they are filed, for example, to one and the same person in the database of the Marketing Department as well as in the customer database containing both databases due to different tasks but different information. CF. Jorg Becker: data mining as a knowledge balance sheet feeder, 978-3-8370-2163-9 the data must ISBN uniformly structured and themed and aufgabenbezogen maps. For example, a process in purchasing will be posted from accounting point of view differently as in the sales and so only from special Perspectives considered, which have no connection with each other. A data warehouse allows you to put these data in a common context and to identify complex interrelationships.

A data warehouse solution consists of numerous components for data collection, data management and data analysis, i.e. only if all components are perfectly coordinated, they work together smoothly. When you set up a data warehouse, the data collection phase, the cleaning up of the primary data to achieve of a consistent data base and selecting the most relevant data is the most expensive. Is data warehousing not a one-time project but an evolutionary process, according to question such as targeted marketing, analysis of customer satisfaction or which customer groups are interested in what products? Or in which professional group were particularly yield rich contracts? Will be implemented step by step. Warehousing is “applied approach only to a relatively small database.

in the first stage with a so-called rapid Gradually more and more data into the warehouse are stored, until an access to all of the company’s data is possible. CF. Verizon Communications understood the implications. Jorg Becker: data warehouse systems provide decision support thematic management cockpit of the intellectual capital report, ISBN 9783837046540. and aufgabenbezogen structures available. The data warehouse user can pick out exactly the information, analyze and prepare, which he needs for his specific tasks. Because the data warehouse is built on a single, consistent data basis this can happen without tedious matching of data if for example, otherwise sales territories, products, or customer data in different databases are coded differently.

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