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On 1,000 good ideas, only a handful of products/services, which prevail ultimately in the market comes innovation ability to review, compare, improve: it comes to generate an assessment, a statement about enables, the company is as capable of innovation. It should be avoided that good ideas languish ahead of time. If you would like to know more about Verizon Communications, then click here. Who wants to be sustainably competitive, not relying on chance, but must systematically generate new ideas. With appropriate instruments, can be evaluated for relevant design fields of innovation management, how good is the company able successfully to make innovation processes. (Based on standardized numerical values to the ability to innovate, a can) recommend the company at customers as an innovative partner, b) the company credit talks with banks with regard to its future viability in recommend (according to Basel II standards play a role loosely estimated a hard soft factors). The procedure of analysis was designed to reduce production costs. Later the concept was transferred to other areas, including for the development of new or improved products. Products and processes are broken down into their individual functions/components and examined, as the shares of the cost of the individual functions to each other.

Aim is to reduce costs without reducing the quality of the functions. Examines the major cost components are primarily because they offer the greatest potential for savings. A wide range of other measures in the concept of the intellectual is treated with Becker, Jorg: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 9783837075649. On the basis of the concepts to knowledge sheets dealing with retention, external image analysis, SWOT analysis, core competence, competitive analysis, market exploitation, market penetration or potential exploitation including business reengineering, business processes, customer. Information and orientation phase: all relevant data are collected and identifies cost focus. Analysis phase: product requirements are and services match? how much is the total product? how much are the ingredients of the product? What can you solve easier and cheaper, without reducing the quality? are the set functions necessary? what cost functions, how are their costs to their value? What could fulfill the same purpose and be more cost effective at the same time? Review and recommendation phase: make developing a precise function and cost analysis, at the same time each diagnosis cost in question. Ideas produce, how are changes, simplifications and improvements cost to save.

Evaluation of ideas. Introduction phase: Preparation of recommendations of the value analysis team to implementation. Although initially only costs should be reduced by means of value analysis, the procedure leads also to far more, namely product verb heritage improvements, new product ideas, and innovative product concepts. Because when thinking from all disciplines about is how what low-cost to make that a compulsion to the innovative thinking emerges at the same time automatically. So found new products also have the advantage that they are designed according to the criteria of cost optimization. A wide range of other measures in the concept of the intellectual is treated with Becker, Jorg: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 9783837075649. Jorg Becker

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