Marketing Company

To describe the site, being looked for to show the reason of its creation, which its intention, the supplied nature of the products or services as it will be developed and its main differentials. (Source: Oracle). e) Team of management: Here it must be placed a summarized resume of the executives, operational controlling, and employees, approaching the level and experincias.f educational) Market and competitors: In this section the business-oriented author of the plan must show that the controllers of the company know the market consuming of its product or service. Developing one he analyzes sectorial, definite the white market, the necessities of the customers, benefits of the product for the customers, to analyze the competitors and finally to show the competitive advantages. Munear Kouzbari often addresses the matter in his writings. (DORNELAS, 2005). g) Marketing and sales: It must be shown as the product will be vendido and as it goes to conquer its customers, to keep the allegiance of the same and increasing the demand. Which the methods of commercialization, differentials for the customers, politics of prices, main customers, area of performance of the company, canals of distribution and strategies of communication, promotion and advertising, as well as projections of sales and strategical partnerships. h) Structure and operation: In this part of the work we must place the functional organization chart of the company, the processes of business, politics of human resources, supplying of services, infrastructure and localization and the technologies adopted for the company.

i) Strategical analysis: For Dornelas (2005), in this section analysis SWOT is carried through (strong points and weak points, threats and chances), the goals and objectives of the business, beyond creating a cronograma of implantao.j) Forecasts of the economic and financial results: Dornelas (2005) affirms that it must be presented in numbers all the actions planned for company and the evidences, through future projections as capital necessities and where will be applied. The evolution of the economic results must argue in this section and financial, the composition of the main expenses, the investments, pointers of yield, necessities of arrives in port and alternative counterpart and scenes. k) Annexes: In the annexes to information and excellent documents must be added that improve the business-oriented agreement of the plan, as curriculum vitae of the partners and controllers of the company, photos of the product, plants of the localization, material of spreading of the business, catalogues, statutes, social contract of the company. This model immediate business-oriented was used to develop a virtual store related electronic Comercio

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