Marketing Basics

It is very common to hear these three concepts in the business world online, but we're not quite sure what each one. In this post the basic definitions for these three concepts as well as some examples. Let's start … market is a group of people who are searching for products or information on a broad subject. Market niche is a group of people with special needs and who are willing to meet and economic capacity to buy. SUBNICHO is a very small group of people with specialized needs and are not doing well attended. Now let me give you three examples of what we had to write Example 1: MARKET: Investment. NICHE MARKET: Investment in real estate, stock market, Forex market.

SUBNICHO: How to invest in the stock market, signs of the stock market, technical and fundamental analisys of the stock market. Example 2: MARKET: Health & Fitness. NICHE MARKET: Lose weight, gain weight. SUBNICHO: How to lose weight naturally how to lose weight diets, how to lose weight with exercise, how to lose weight with pills, etc. Example 3: MARKET: Marketing on the Internet. NICHE MARKET: Web traffic, sales letters, creating info-products. SUBNICHO: Pay per click, search engine optimization, marketing videos, marketing with articles. It might be a bit confusing at first but it really is not, what is important is that you must focus on broad market niches and profitable, which are composed of several subnichos to have greater opportunity to generate higher income in your business Internet. And as always recommend is that you focus on a niche market that you're passionate about, no matter what competition you have, the greater is the scope of that niche, you will have more chances to win. Best Director Pedro Campuzano

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