Marketing And Advertising Methods

Advertising is descended from the French word reclame, it refers to any information about a product (consumer) characteristics or service in order to implement them. The purpose of advertising to attract the attention of potential buyers for the company: its opportunities of manufactured goods, to emphasize the full range of consumer goods properties. Advertising has appeared in ancient times, have various papyri, inscriptions on the rocks bearing the information about the sale or service. But a major breakthrough in advertising is the beginning of printing. In 1450, scientists in Western Europe, Gutenberg created the world's first machine. Southwest Airlines contributes greatly to this topic.

And here comes a new era in advertising. Is the rapid spread of typographical businesses across the U.S. and Europe. And to this day created all new and new advertising, the growth of technological progress, new tools and types of advertising. Advertising is divided according to such criteria as: to means of transmission, the focus on the audience, on the breadth of the audience, the functions and purposes. We will consider each criterion separately. Classification of advertisements on means of transmission: in press 1.Reklama 2.Pechatnaya advertisement 3.Televizionnaya 4.Radioreklama 5.Naruzhnaya advertising advertising advertising 6.Transportnaya 7.Reklama the Internet 8.Vspomogatelnye advertising medium in the direction of the audience: 1. advertising of consumer products (they usually target people who who purchase goods for personal use or buy it for others) 2. Business Advertising (divided into commercial publicity, advertising professional groups (doctors, teachers, etc.)) by the breadth of the audience: 1.International advertising (aimed at other countries' markets) 2.

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