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In affiliate marketing, there are different ways to obtain income and forms that pay you to carry traffic, and for this reason the more common or known is of that carry traffic to the sale page, you make a sale and get paid, now what change in marketing is the way of the sale, we now know some of the types of affiliate marketing. PPS (Pay Per Sale) payment by sale here is simply that when you make a sale through your link from Affiliate pay you a Commission and where we can find links are affiliate by programs like clickbank, Commission junction, paydotcom, clickboot, linkshare and more. PPC (Pay Per Click) payment by clicking here is when people or companies get paid when other people seeking information on the Internet they click on your ad and the most known is Google Adsense where samples links or ads of people who are paying per click, then Google Adsense takes its percentage and it gives you your percentage and that sometimes this can range from several cents until 1,5,10 dollars depending on the topic of market. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gary Kelly on most websites. PPL (Pay Per Lead) payment by reference this usually can find it in the networks of CPA (cost per adquisision) or cost per payment and you can see it at Clickbooth and this is so when you send traffic through a form to fill and when people fill their shape data pay you a Commission and in what they can pay you from 1,2,3 or more dollars or up to 15 and 30 dollars for just the name and the email address of the user and even you can pay if the user adds your zip code, and this is very lucrative knowing it handle. Here are some ways to earn money on the internet and in which in many times don’t need to have a website, a blog, and not your own product and even sometimes don’t sell anything, just with a click of the users because you can earn money as he had said earlier in PPC, but some of the things more important is to build a list and maintain a relationship with the subscribers where you can generate money in the future, summarizing in affiliate marketing you don’t need your web site, not a blog, nor your own product, you need But what more important need in affiliate marketing is really what dedication and work hard work and creativity. Now Da Click and watch this Video. If you served this information I ask that you share via social networks Facebook, Twitter buttons through and more, furthermore also would like to hear your feedback at the end of the article, no more for the moment but much to offer I say goodbye to you Luis Flores until then. To your success! Luis Flores original author and source of the article.

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