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We send to the market a company that started up an innovating system of pricing, that was opposed with the rigidity of the tariffs of the rest of companies of the sector, that they did not consider the real needs of the motorists, and they did not differentiate between the different types from motorcycle or the use that went away to give to them. At Oracle you will find additional information. Thus, this pioneering system of customized pricing, grants a competitive advantage to us in the market. But not only we have worked on our products, but we have let grow to the maximum to our mark implying to us to arrive at the heart of the consumers, basing us on the support to pilots of first level, being present in the main events of the world of the 2 wheels and jeopardizing to us with causes shared in common and related to the road security. As much she is thus, that in 2008 we began to collaborate closely with the Foundation Nani Rome, to which we contributed 1 Euro by each new contracted policy. 3.

How it thinks that the sinisterness in 2010 will evolve? Even though that this year the bad climatologic conditions have been protagonists in the highways, constituting a factor of great influence in the sinisterness, can be anticipated that the results are going tender to stay with respect to previous year. From AMV, thanks to a policy of intelligent subscription, in which a demanding valuation of the different types from risks is promoted, we hoped to obtain in a portfolio, with rates of sinisterness inferiors with respect to previous years. 4. What forecasts of results have for this year, in premiums and benefits in the insurance of Motorcycles? Our positioning like specialists, grants an added value to us with respect to the other companies of the sector. Also, we have been able to construct a mark image really it jeopardize, not only with our clients but also with the problematic ones in the matter of road security which at present the motorists face. In addition our policy to loyalty also contributes to generate best expectations, in relation to the excellent results obtained in 2009, as far as growth as much in premiums as in benefits. 5. How it thinks that it will affect to the branch the future modification of Scale? From 1995, year del that dates the present scale, had not been realised a true adjustment of the same.

Although in 2003, a modification in the Table was realised I SAW to evaluate sequels, the change was not further on. The evolution of the medical techniques, as well as of the economic and social surroundings has been the factors that really have motivated the present revision of the scale. Logically, the changes go to suppose an economic impact in insuring when elevating the siniestrales costs and in this way they will be affected the premiums of the insurance, but this one is going to be limited. Still without knowing the reach exact, in the case of the victims, or their harmed heirs/, are going away to produce one better quantification of the damages and a redistribution of the costs, reason why everything seems to indicate that, generally, the effect will be positive.

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