E-mail marketing campaigns are a very effective tool when you set a proper communication with your subscribers by what I talk 5 keys that have helped me a lot in all campaigns that I’ve done. 1 Uses a clear, concise title and who incites in the matter. Frequently Gary Kelly has said that publicly. You have 1.5 seconds (which is about what it takes to read the title of the email) to engage the client and convince him that you should invest your time reading what you are proposing, uses clear words that arouse interest and invite the action. 2. The content is the key. One of the most important rules in Marketing is the question what it is doing by my? If you do not you show quickly and clearly what your company is doing by the client on each message and any form of contact with them, may be that your efforts are ineffective, avoids saturate the mail information, remember that do not like the customer to do so thinking, you guide it effectively to your goal. Uses real and quality in this way content your subscribers they will again open your newsletters because they trust that your company has something important to offer.

3. Do not satures hyperlink your mail. This can make the customer to hesitate what relevant information and where to go, do not do waste time, instead get a call to action, always have a contact form and your signature. 4. If the customer asks that you delete it from your list of subscribers, do it immediately. This happens constantly since client not found or does not know how to remove it from the list and sends you an email asking you to do it, if not your interested product customer (don’t think that perhaps reading some of your emails that you send you can be interested, by contrast you can get to bother him and that despair)marking you as spam, just let it go and it respects their decision, don’t forget to remove it from your list. 5 Answers quickly. Attempts to answer in less than 24 hours, this is something that customers appreciate much and create the image of a responsible company and interested in their customers. Once working in area web customer service, I received an inquiry on the products, answer you in less than 2 hours of received mail, the following 20 minutes I received a call from this same client, answering the phone tells me; I’ve been in the business of trade more than 12 years and it is the first time that a company answers me a mail in less than 1 day, we congratulated and well, make an excellent sale and it became one of our key customers.

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