b) Publishing Merchandising Tie-In: it is when a product, marks, company or service appears, is cited, consumed or used in a film of long-metragem (for cinema or TV), program of television, magazine, periodical, book or any another one I propagate of communication for order and by means of payment made for the advertiser. In the sports, artistic, musical and communitarian events, the presence of mark, slogans, symbols or colors in the scenic space, material promocional, propaganda, decoration, objects, vehicles and clothes of the participants of these events also are a publishing action of merchandising. c) Design: visual communication of the company, its marks and products with the public in general and its consumers in particular. It appears in the form of logotipos, colors, symbols, photographs, decoration of faades and vehicles, stationery store, elements of three-dimensional identification etc. Design has if transformed into one of the most important tools of communication because, for its intermediary, it occurs the first contact (and the initial recognition) of the mark or company, conferring to it identity and personality enters all the too much marks and companies. d) Packing: another tool of basic communication nowadays, that it is combined to the functions of transport, storage, conservation and use of the product. Beyond being intrinsic part of the identity and the personality of the product, the packing is an excellent vehicle of propaganda and the promotions that involve the mark.

6.2.2 Marketing As Bussada this tool is the responsible one for the positioning of the company, product or service in the market, its image before the customers. The marketing takes care of all of the cycle of life of a product, since its production until the consumption act, and goes, moreover, to create a narrow relation between the consumers and this product or service. Gonalves (managing of the RS3 Advertising), affirms that the promocional marketing comes if detaching to each day in the world of the businesses, currently is considered one of the biggest instruments of communication of the company stops with its consumer.

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