Marketing in the craft: what it is and how it should be! Marketing for artisans is much explored today – far also not rocket science, but is not applied by around 50% of all craft in Germany… No other industry is so moderate in strategic marketing active as the craft. With the exception of the “aunt Emma” loading and a small kiosk on the street corner, but the most small and individual entrepreneurs have a Web presence – not necessarily a good one, but you got him. (at least a beginning…) The craft is running, however, at the end of the chain. With us in the Sauerland, the most craft shops are the opinions “we don’t need / does not work anyway / do not / is definitely too expensive”…

represented. We know from various studies and statistics that extends over all over Germany. Majority in the rural areas, but also in the cities there are still these thinkers. Again we ask ourselves ‘why?’ – even though we know the answers. But there is simply no longer comprehensible, because at least every 2nd Edition of the craft sheet or the craft paper especially with regard to the website – writes about the importance of marketing -. And the right also our opinion clear. It is actually widely known: 90% of all Germans look first on the Internet for information and companies, rather than to dig out the phone book.

These editions have anyway, hardly a future. The craftsman-seekers makes the browser enters the search term in Google and “tada” – the following is a list of websites/companies to the appropriate search term. Who does not want to be found? Then we hear answers like “Yes, know but our company. You know how we say then that find us “… And what is with those who do not know your company? To go to the competition? Do you want any new customers? Furthermore the seeking not only for a phone number, but he wants to see who is the company, what services it offers and which references it has! Also the following thoughts such as “is a website too expensive to us, we can’t afford that “we can no longer apply. Because first of all, a website is only expensive, if nothing will take you – then it is a bad, because usually by the entrepreneur himself designed page – and secondly, prices of around 1500 EUR (General prejudice) for a small business are neither contemporary nor the truth according to–certainly not mandatory.

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