Let’s be honest, to make money there is a high probability that you will have to invest money. However, there are many systems in the Internet, the so-called “freelance” in which can be hired and paid for a specific job. These do not have to invest, you are hired or you can simply offer your services. The widely used, companies need to transcribe information, monographs, translations, etc. But if you’re like me, is to make extra money quickly and without having to interact or assist customers, the money in affiliate programs. They get paid a commission for you to promote their products through a link (link) either online or offline.

Marketing The basis of making money. Merchants, Many fail because they spend more in promoting their products whether owned or commission that what they generate in revenue which resulted in losses. The key is to get proven strategies and implement them. “Do not reinvent the wheel” or make money work at home is possible. Only about creativity and commitment to oneself. Supply VS Demand Sell the Internet is not as difficult as it seems, simply look for people who are interested in what you offer.

With millions of Internet users around the world, believe me there are customers for whatever. Now back to the language barrier, I know you’re asking and how do I start? But when most of the alternatives are in English. Well since the beginning of 2000 I’ve been interested in generating extra income from my house quickly and effectively, or in plain words: with the least work possible. Now in 2009 you have many more options. You can fill out surveys and you get paid for your opinion, are websites and programs entirely in Spanish, you can join a program to sell products and get a commission, Clickbank is one of best programs , the portals can also use programs that pay you for reading emails as well as selling items on E-bay etc. Finally you just need the desire and creativity. Diversification must, at once organized. Find information and self-discipline yourself and see that you can start making money from home in less time than you think.

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