It is known that consumer behavior is that part of the behavior of people and the decisions involved when they are acquiring goods or using services to meet your needs. Consumer is considered from the marketing as the King, because of somehow companies have to cover their needs in a process of constant adaptation, whereby the expert sense these needs and implement strategies that come to meet them. Hence the importance of knowing their characteristics and a good way to identify them is according to the type of purchase carried out:-purchases rational (or planned): Carried out (22%): are those carried out according to the initial forecast by product and brand. necessary (18%): they are made by product without anticipation of mark; they adapt to the profile of consumers looking for the offerings. modified (5%): they are purchased by product but modified the mark. To broaden your perception, visit baby clothes.

– shopping irrational (or impulsive): Planificadas (12%): consumer intends to purchase, but waits for the time suitable to carry out (on sale(, promotions, etc.). Remembered (9%): the client has not provided your purchase, but seeing the product, remember you need.-Sugeridas (20%): are those produced when a client viewing a product on a shelf, decides to try. Puras (14%): is the purchase breaking habits, i.e. the totally unforeseen. Purchases provided for only represent 45 per cent of the total of those, which consolidates the idea that point of sale plays a crucial role when it comes to increasing the volume of sales, on him depends on the percentage of impulsive purchases.

You must bear in mind the management of markets that there are different types of consumers. Precisely, many authors have tried to give a general classification that can be divided into two types: biological or simple, basic needs for the immediate survival of the individual. Social, essential for human development, according to Maslow, both are governed by a principle of hierarchy, so that when a need is satisfied the individual expresses their demands to solve another.

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