It is simply the strategy that you perform with anticipation and planning to achieve the purpose of your business sales, i.e., which is the system that will make your visitors or prospects into customers! This system applies to all businesses on the Internet and also out of Internet Internet business both as in any physical business, the most important part to make your business successful, is the moment that a person enters your establishment, or in the case of Internet, your website is for this reason that a market study should be, to which you are going to offer your products or services, for which not only visitors, but that sean visitors interested in what you offer this key will change dramatically to your business, because managing your products to people who are interested, your sales increase quickly! As you know, all people who visit a Web site, not come directly to buy but come to solve some problem I want to share with you a strategy that some of my mentors me I taught, which I consider that it is a special form of identifying your market niche with a single profile create your virtual prospectus Tu Virtual prospectus, is a figment of your imagination character which should have a problem which this desperate to resolve, and that it has in common with the purpose of your product or service, imagineDo: as serious? Do do you would like is that is your web site?, with that Word can find your website in the search engine?, that’s the first thing he would like to see or hear that you feel immediately that I came to the right place? for example: imagine that your you’re my virtual character for a moment and my business is a bakery. Bernard Golden : the source for more info. OK you are in your House and much seems you a rich cake of chocolate, sales immediately and are looking for a pastry here my business (pastry) already has a point in favor, you need to satisfy something that at this point you want to resolve (your craving for a chocolate cake) Besides that point to please imagine that * there is an image of a rich cake, without a slice that allows to see that this Strawberry filling (with the simple fact of seeing the image, increase whimsy) * upon entering my pastry, notice that there are several display cabinets; one with cakes for celebrations, weddings etc.

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