Marketing is becoming a battle based more on information than in the power of sales.Philip Kotler the dynamics of commercial markets in the different scenarios of the countries that comprise this globe has significantly affected a function such as marketing, not can be neglected by companies and above all, when Internet has a great impact on new openings of markets forcing management to take it into accountnew insights that have emerged, as well as tools that have resulted from them. So this new aspect of Internet Marketing has emerged. summarized. com, tells us about it, Marketing 3.0 arose as a response to several factors: new technologies, the potential problems of globalization and the interest of individuals for expressing their creativity, their values and their spirituality, any organization that wants to emerge and thrive in the current circumstances of the market, must Learn the three fundamental concepts of Marketing 3.0: building communities, co-creation and integrity of brand gives us Carmen Castellanos, which Marketing 1.0 was only focused on the product, with a one-way communication and in traditional media. Then came the Marketing 2.0 having as axis to the consumer and highlighting the interaction. Marketing 3.0 takes into account on an ongoing basis, at all times what you think and requires the consumer to offer products based on values.

The connection of all this, says, some marketers, when they talk about Marketing 3.0, referring to everything associated with the Semantic Web. In this respect, the question arises: what is the Semantic Web? It is an extended Web. This means that it is endowed with more meaning. Developed with a few types of languages that will help find answers to questions in a fast and easy way, their performance is due to how the information within it is organized. It indicates the source of information In addition, noted. that have made some progress on this new website, that works logically, as the rule of interchange format (RIF), developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), but still are far from achieving a full Semantic Web.

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