Market Flash

Market Flash – technology now shows a steady increase. With the introduction of new, more subtle, process of production, increases the capacity of flash chips – the memory, and with it the price is reduced for unit capacity. Initially, media based on flash – the technology, takes a narrow market niche storage devices. Their wide dissemination hindered by many factors, such as small capacity, fragility, and, most importantly, very high cost. But now we can say that most of the problems preventing the spread of the flash memory devices – memory, in the past. The capacity of modern chip flash – memory allows you to start mass production of so-called solid-state drives (SSD – Solid State Disk). Already, their capacity is 256 gigabytes, and by 2010, is scheduled to start mass production of SSD – Hard Drives larger than poluterabayta. However, there are two factors that prevent SSD – flash drives to hard drives to send the usual magnetic platters to the dustbin of history – the high cost and small number of rewrite cycles of information (up to 1 million cycles).

While these problems are not solved completely. Among the advantages of solid-state drives over conventional HDD should highlight their high-speed read and write data, short access time, stability to mechanical damage. Should we expect the final victory of SSD – Drive over the HDD? According to some projections, SSD – discs do not supplant the classic drives to the middle of next decade. For others, the final victory is canceled – the scope of the SSD – will drive the device, more demanding speed and resilience.

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