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Academy German POP offers for the first time specific training recording, mixing, mastering: the mastering engineer gives recordings the finishing touches before they are immortalized on recordings. With tools such as equalizer, compressor and limiter he refined musical productions and created finally press enabled master”. His sponsor: Artists, bands, recording studios, music publishers or record labels. The entry into this occupation was possible only through a sound engineering training, specific training did not exist however. The Academy of music and media industry German POP now has a subject-specific training to the mastering engineer develops and offers them in all their four locations Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich.

In addition to technical expertise (use of mast ring tools, signal flow, level control), POP in the training to the mastering engineer at the German Academy plays an important role of ear training. The mastering engineer learns to capture not only characteristic features of different musical styles, but also Frequency increases and interruptions to hear. The German POP training rooms characterized by a particularly atmospheric and comfortable furnishing and are equipped with modern equipment. For the mastering engineer training course”, students can use own Mastering Studio in addition to the sound. Because the Academy German POP places great emphasis on practice. Learning by doing prepared best for later professional life”, says Academy Director Christian Einsiedel. Additional information: The course modules include rule four lessons per week. To get tutorials, learning and practice times and practical projects. The courses start four times in the year (January, April, July and October), to allow also a flexible entry depending on the personal situation. Lessons taught, what is lived as lecturers, students directly benefit only active professionals to use their know-how and experience In contrast to pure, other educational institutions, the Academy is closely related to the music and Media production music support group linked – the company that stands behind the Academy and offers many services and products related to music and media from a single source (from the studio recording up to the final CD).

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