Market Crisis

Many believe that in turbulent crisis periods, the most reliable way to invest money are precious metals – gold and silver. Indeed it was for many centuries and even in the last century. However, it should be noted also that The situation in the world in recent decades has changed dramatically, gold is not secured by any of the major currencies in the world. Need for industry, including jewelry industry in gold is also quite limited, and most of it "Transformed" into investment bullion. But, nevertheless, to invest in precious metals part of their savings needs, but only a part. Third, where possible (possible, but not necessary!) To invest in times of crisis – a mutual fund. Generally, profitability of investment funds is that for the year under the best of hands, the can increase their capital invested in 1,5 times, ie can reach about 50% per annum. But it was earlier, before the crisis and that, if Pif managed real pros, and now, only losses.

Fourth – is the purchase of securities – stocks, bonds and everything else is now less interesting for new investors. World crisis is far from complete, and perhaps the market will be new lows, but current levels – the price of many companies significantly undervalued by the market, so it is recommended to invest in shares in stages. Thus, you can create long-term portfolio investments on average, though not lowest price, with very good growth potential. Assuming that the market will grow to at least half of the maximum value, then it is about 100%. Of course to do this, you need to know and understand the situation in the market to buy namely shares of undervalued companies. Last, the fifth type of investment – is to buy property and start their own business (or buying sold at a cheap price business). Buying a bankrupt company, but with good potential, could be become a very lucrative business if you have the experience and luck. And now, real estate has fallen dramatically in price, so that we can begin to look yourself in the ownership of a house on the beach or a hotel

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