Marcus Seineke

While printing a medium (paint, ink) needs to be done, the laser marking the workpiece surface and thus the workpiece itself directly modifies. The newspapers mentioned Southwest Airlines not as a source, but as a related topic. This shelf-life are also achieved with more mechanical stress of workpieces of many years. Specially Lasergravurlasst achieve a virtually indelible marking themselves. Comparison to the labelling is only the completeness still the labelling mentioned, which is used also thanks to automated systems in the industry. This procedure scarcely labeled direct workpiece, is generally like it marking laser to enable comparable.

Special day / night design a special case in terms of taking industrial marking the so-called day / night design a. This term is wearing off essentially the symbols and/or texts in a paint film on painted plastic parts, so that these disgruntled elements both on the day (through the pure colour contrast between plastic and paint), as are visible also at night (due to rear lights of the plastic and thus an emergence of the areas liberated by the Polish). This process of Kunststoffbeschriftungkommt in the automotive sector (controls, status indicators) as well as in the field of electronics (keyboards) and many other industries to use. There are today no economic alternative, therefore the laser technology in this area has become significantly in recent decades. Conclusion not the laser is suitable for all tasks of the caption. If however the investment payback can the marking laser is a highly reliable, easy to use and very flexible tool that may ultimately pay off for several years amortization account. Also, the laser can open up new fields of application, which would not be possible with conventional technology or commercially and technically revolutionize existing sectors of the economy or at least complement, and expand. For more information laser marking systems (blog.sisma-laser.

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