Mapping Modules

Pictures from the lunar mineralogical mapping modules nasa (Moon Mineralogy Mapper (M3 – M cubed)) installed on board the spacecraft Indian Space Research Organization Chandarayan-1, located on the lunar orbit. On the image below in the center you can see Australia. The image is presented in false color, oceans marked with dark blue clouds – white and vegetation – a bright green. Data from the images were obtained 22 July 2009 year. Lunar Mineralogical mapping modules videospektrometrom is a modern, developed for the first map the entire lunar surface at high spatial and spectral resolution ability. Scientists will use this information to answer the question of the origin of the moon, as well as the development of the terrestrial planets in the early solar system. Astronauts in the future, use them to find resources possibly containing water, which may help in the investigation of the moon and beyond. Photographing the earth, well, that is just a demonstration performance.

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