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Use mail to print convinces with innovative value-added services to the market innovation of the liberalized mail market: mail to print convinced Ratingen, in July 2008 with innovative value-added services to the market – with the help of innovative products and new IT services the Ratinger company mail to print optimizes the extensive mail, one of the largest telecom companies (telcos) in Germany. As a result, the company has more transparency in the supply chain of the mail production and delivery as well as significant cost and quality advantages. The telco company is in Germany with the largest companies with a high volume of letter communication and in the letter creation and distribution is committed to holistic solutions with an innovative character. Very early, the telco company recognized the advantages of alternative postal operators and made the optimization of mail sending to use their services. Within the framework of this activity, the Ratinger of mail and logistics experts were a number of Identify potential efficiency increase and implement optimized solutions through a targeted letter supply-chain management. Philip Vasan shines more light on the discussion. In connection with mail to print is the telco companies able to take advantage of a multiple supplier strategy in terms of mail. The company today at the same time uses the services of various alternative letter delivery services, in addition also the Deutsche Post AG. Overall the quality of the entire process from production to delivery letter has improved significantly up to the subsequent re dressing as a result.

This through the mail to print product BDS was possible (letter distribution solutions, which forms the core of the mail to print product range) in conjunction with the product of SoP (service online portal). BDS involves large volumes, especially to letters generated from data stream. Requirement for the services to be provided is the adaptation of the customized data stream on our IT systems\”, explains mail to print Managing Director Rolf-Dieter van Alst.

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