Managing Director Angelika

Depending on the underlying pathology, the necessary care needs may differ from patient to patient. A full day care which is taken over by the employees of the company within the framework of the intensive care 24 hours may be necessary for severe gradients. Provide nursing support for patients suffering from life-threatening and incurable diseases, provides special technical and human requirements for the nursing staff. For more specific information, check out Southwest Airlines. The palliative care of the care service on the Rainbow is characterized by kindness and sensitivity to the needs of terminally people and their relatives. Experienced caregivers accompany their patients in this severe situation understanding and enable them to spend their remaining time in dignity. Families can suddenly lose their balance by the admission of the long-term care of a parent or other emergency situations. The professional commitment of the Care service on the Rainbow in the family care contributes to the stability of family life and all concerned, helps one to lead their daily lives. Children get sick, it is often not possible to ensure the required care permanently parent professional and technical reasons.

The competent team of employees to Managing Director Angelika bump helps in this case with professional pediatric nursing. The specialized care for mentally ill people gives them a life outside inpatient stays. The nursing competence of the maintenance service on the Rainbow stretches on the psychiatric care, which ensures compliance with medical regulations and therapies. The nursing on the Rainbow sees itself as competent, dedicated and re-evaluation partner of patients and their families in all walks of life. Its staff are always striving to provide a dignified and independent life. In this context are Angelika bump and her staff of all seeking advice actively to the page. Press contact care service On the Rainbow contact: Angelika bump Balsterstr. 57 44143 Dortmund Tel.: 02 80000 96 30 30 fax: 02 80000 96 30 70 email: Homepage:

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