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“” According to capital-market the current infrastructure fund of the 8 BAC InfrTrust BAC is internally an alternative investment industry service currently comes to the conclusion that the funds by investing in a portfolio of 35 already rented cell phone towers “, the purchased on pure equity capital base, an attractive combination of a safety-oriented asset investments with a very growing market opportunities” offers. So, analysts expect a further increase in the mobile data transfer by 10,000 percent by 2015. To cope with this growth, the mobile networks must be expanded significantly. In the United States RBC capital markets estimates the needs in a recent study by September 2010 alone at five major mobile operators on more than 20,000 new antennas.” The Fund Manager and Managing Director at his blog presents current information and background about the U.S. mobile wireless infrastructure market. Communications in the United States-based subsidiary was initially the growth market Infrastructure group (CIG) explored and which is rebuilt in the past few years a strong market presence and an experienced management. Through its subsidiary invested the BAC InfrTrust 8 like all mobile radio infrastructure investments of the BAC directly in the assets, without the usual infrastructure intermediate companies, allowing direct access to the investment objects. For the 35 mobile phone masts, already long term leases for 54 antenna sites exist with eleven strong credit tenants.

Currently the amount of average rented antenna sites per mast 1.54, up to four antennas would place”, k mi outlines the Mietsteigerung potential. By 2018, a total return is expected by 195 percent. Despite the high rate of return, the infrastructure fund is security-oriented. By the fixed portfolio, there is no blind pool risk, also 8 deployment and initial rental risks are avoided at the BAC InfrTrust. Due to the high speed of placing some Poles could be bought already, which the Fund early rental income generated.

Mobile radio infrastructure investments are of interest to various groups of investors. Because the asset class developed independently of economic and capital market. This provides a solid deposit base or-beimischung as a defensive asset investment and is an important part of every portfolio.

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