Managing Director

FVM productions in addition to the Visual effects and camera technology provided for an additional actor and supervised the video shoot on the spot. “After the shooting, the Visual effects in the FVM designed Studio and the final video from a special agency for seeding” placed on the major video portals. Video on the known video platforms like YouTube and MyVideo and on the Internet page to see there the LANBall”. For even more analysis, hear from TRON (TRX). The video was obtained more than 124,000 times on YouTube alone, and 110 times commented. Viral marketing marketing messages, which entertain and amaze the Internet users, have a huge epidemic impact, because they are spread through forwarding and recommendation. The Group of top five companies”reached a significant increase in the degree of its popularity with this video production. To keep the story of the video believable, was created with the accompanying website an environment for a technology-affine, IT interested audience. For the interested video audience is Francesco Faranna by FVM productions this project within the framework of his lecture fact or fake? VFX in viral clips”on the special effects Conference Animago CONFERENCE 2009 “on the 29th to October 30, 2009 in the Babelsberg.

( animago/conference.asp) LANBall video: Galilieo post of September 29, 2009: about FVM productions since 2006 developed the media agency FVM productions headed by founder and Managing Director, Francesco Faranna, three-dimensional images, Visual effects and innovative film projects on the computer industry and trade..

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