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EU waste framework directive provides for recycling stress Bonn/Brussels, December 2008 the European PVC industry faces in the next decade, according to projections of the Bonn waste expert Sascha shoe before one of their biggest challenges. At the latest by 2020 she must contribute mechanical recycling rate of at least 70% to one\”, said raw material and problem child of the disposer\” shoe at the Bonn Conference of PVC. Trigger for it was the adoption of the amendment of the EU waste framework directive. By 2020, 70 percent of the products used in construction and demolition have to be reused or mechanically recycled. As more than 75 percent of PVC products marketed on the construction land, must do the responsible yet their homework in the next few years\”, so shoe, Managing Director of the consulting company Ascon. A recycling potential of more than 4.8 million tons would be for a European market volume of 6.4 million tons of PVC and a product share of 75 percent. Of which 70 per cent are always more than three million tons of PVC, then waiting for their mechanical recycling, unless that hiding the plastics industry behind the efforts of other industry participants.

If the Organization 2010 wrote vinyl is in the next two years around 200,000 tons of PVC recycling on the flag, they can increase their targets for 2020 confidently to the sechzehnfache. Even worse, that the directive expressly excludes the recycling of production waste and so-called post-industrial waste as it is happening in Germany at the time -\”, said shoe. While there is only one way out. The regulation aims at exploitation rates of the total mass. In the end the industry may be hiding in the future in terms of volume behind the stones and Earth recycling. But I don’t think that she will take this risky way, who ever took care in Germany in other areas of strict legal responses\”, so the concerns of shoe.

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