Mailing Lists

We can also say that if the email-addresses of people Do not make yourself Your mailing list, but you give them something besides sending out their wills and areas of interest – it is always spam. And now we're with you try to figure out why people do not digest how much spam and so impatiently waiting for the qualitative mailing lists. To demonstrate the principle of the spam I want to give a simple example imagine the guy sitting at the bar and in front of him near the bar counter is a beautiful girl. The guy can not withdraw from her eyes, she charmed him! And, of course, the young person has a passionate desire to come to know her better. Next, the guy gets up, walks over to her and immediately tries to kiss her on the lips What do you think will happen 98% of these situations? I literally believe that the young man gets a good slap in the face (if not worse) and forever lose the opportunity to develop a relationship with this girl. Now, to show the basic principle that lies at the based on this mailing list, I want to cite another example.

The guy sitting at the bar again, and near the bar counter is still the same beautiful girl. But now, instead of directly to her to come and kiss, young people elect a reasonable tactic. For a start, he orders two cocktails from the bartender and then fit them to the girl.

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