Maia Green Agency

How does the art-licensing? You send your best work by e-mail to the central office nexelART, located in Los Angeles. And with the same company you sign a contract in writing for further work, if you really stand for something as an artist, photographer or designer. State Street describes an additional similar source. However, if a contract you do not sign, your images will remain in your possession and you can do with them all that apply. Either way, the art-licensing gives you a personal agent who will make best efforts to sell your work at the highest price (still would be the agency receives a commission, and sell them cheap just is not profitable). Surely you know about this practice among artists, sculptors, etc. Art licensing – this is about the same thing, a kind of original patent for the introduction of your creativity in the industry. In addition, you get access to international markets since agency working with publishers and producers from America and Europe. And pay attention – you will be selling only the right of your labors, not the original.

Original is sold only in case of special arrangements. It is not Freelance, where the result of your efforts after the purchase can usurp anyone. Art licensing does not guarantee you a fabulous income. It guarantees you a realistic assessment of your talent. And the opportunity to earn it. In Your power to make sure that your name resound in the international market.

In addition, art licensing is completely legal and transparent. A striking example – the artist Maia Green (Maya Green), which works with the company Nexelart. Yes, the artist really talented. But it is actively working the agency to enter into contracts with major American and European publishers and manufacturers were allowed Maia Green for a short time to achieve impressive results. It is unlikely that she personally would be able to conclude as many agreements on favorable terms. To date, the Maya not only sells the right to use their work, but is printed in the 'Creative GENIUS-100 Artists' (A collector's art book Published by Masters of Today Limited Publishing, London) and 'Best of America, Oil Artists' by Kennedy Publishing. You, as a contracting painter, like the Maya Green will be actively pursued by the agency. You are entitled to regular reports on the activities of Nexelart, about new contracts and sales. You will have only one task – to continue to create art. Art licensing gives you the opportunity to earn name and dignity. Have you tried freelancing. You can always sell their work cheaply. Maybe it makes sense to try to sell it worth while retaining the right to call its own and be proud of it?

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