Madrid Stock Exchange

The original action EP aims to camping to Wall Street for a few months. Dozens of cities have joined the initiative. The Group’s work on economy of the 15-M will do so before the Madrid Stock Exchange. This Saturday, activists around the world are cited for joining the initiative Occupy Wall Street. The action promoted by an American group that intends to camp before the financial district of New York, wants to vindicate an economy at the service of people. Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Santander, or Las Palmas, in Spain, and San Franciso, Los Angeles, Seattel, Toronto, Athens, Berlin, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Milan or Tel Aviv are some of the cities in which the different slopes will concentrate this Saturday against its different branches stock to support the protest New Yorker. We want to see as 20,000 people flooded lower Manhattan, installed shops, kitchens and peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months, inform the organizers of the initiative American on its web page, to add that his goal is to follow the example of his fellow Egyptians in Tahrir square.

The initiative has departed from Kalle Lasn, editor of AdBusters Canadian magazine. The regulation of financial markets, limiting her influence on political life, the creation of a public Bank and an equitable distribution and fair of wealth are some of the demands of the American initiative, which considers that it is high time to fight Wall Street and the financial Gomorrah of America. Madrid takes the bag in Madrid, the Group’s work of economy of the camping of the Puerta del Sol has convened a concentration against the Bolsa de Madrid under the slogan bag outlet. As reported by the Group on economy of Madrid 15-M shed on its website, the day will begin with a talk on the operation of the stock exchange, and will continue in the afternoon with one in which aim to show the differences between the economy real and speculative economy, followed by another that will focus on tax havens. At 1900 hours the turn will receive you to oligopolies and transnational companies, finally, from 20.30, with a presentation on the energy crisis and degrowth. Source of the news: Occupy Wall Street invites activists to camp front the stock markets of the world

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