Madrid Management

The vision of the model of pharmacy which is in Europe for nothing is comparable to that which we want to keep our country. And everything must begin with a change in mentality, a change in the management of pharmacy. An opinion which is also shared by Carlos Garcia-Maurino, President of Asefarma, who believes that you despite the bad vivid moments, despite the uncertainty that exists by the economic situation, for delays in payments in some autonomy and the economic situation in general, the pharmacist continues to be an agile, dynamic, sector open to improvements, with total security, they will affect a change and a window towards the evolution. The answer is to move from a passive management to an active management of the offices of pharmacies. But above all, moments like the present will prevail with more over-the-counter pharmacies and those that are have been convinced that now, more than ever, a change is necessary. What is ASEFARMA: it is the dynamic management of the pharmacy of reference consulting and whose services are given to over 300 pharmacies throughout the Spanish geography. Its main asset is the human capital, and has 43 of the highest level, specialized professionals in the pharmaceutical sector, economists, lawyers and pharmacists at your service. Publishes a quarterly newsletter that receive more than 10,000 pharmacies in all Spain and is market leader in the sale and the purchase of pharmacies, providing a clear added value in that area compared to its competition. It has excellent Madrid certification and issued by EQA, ISO 9001 quality certification.

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